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The project is a wireless monitoring system for collecting information from wireless devices that are connected to various sensors. This project is Internet of Things Data can be stored in the Cloud. The data are in the central node is processed as needed. Any history of the measured data can be accessed the Internet. First Data is stored since 2009, when it was put into operation first temperature sensor. To view a particular graph simply fill the graph form.
Collect the following data:

The solution is modular and some of its components are used in other projects: Temperature measurement of bees colony and Detection of air flows.

Data are wirelessly transmitted to the central node, which is processed and stored in the database. Thanks to the database it is possible to assess and compare current data with older records. And all graphically in synoptic view.

The project uses wireless modules Warduxere .

Wireless sensors:
Wireless sensors

Temperature sensor in the form of a probe:
Temperature probe
WiFi sensor:
WiFi sensor
WiFi solar powered meteostation:
WiFi solar powered meteostation
Large temperature graph for five years in the period 19.05.2015 19.07.2015.

Some modules are conntected direst to Internet. Other are connected via WiFi gateway or embedded computer.

Graf temperatures for five years in the period 2015-09-01 2015-09-19:
graph of temperature 09.01.2015 19.9.2015

Device developed and software programmed by Bc. Josef Jebavý

contact: mail@josefjebavy.cz

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